Students who successfully complete the MBA program will be awarded "MBA Degree" in the respective disciplines (Dual Specialization) by U. P . Technical University (UPTU)
Cash Award of 150,000/- INR each for its (BDSIM'S)' First, 3 University Toppers' of  MBA after the completion of the program.
Rank Certificates will be given to the "Top 10s" MBA students of BDSIM.
Up to '40% Scholarship' to meritorious students.
Live Projects available for brilliant students i.e. facility of 'Earning while Learning'.
Special classes for English Language (English Lab) & Communication Skills.
Virtual Interview and Negotiating Skills Development Sessions for final year students for their right placement.
Competencies' Building & Soft Skills Workshops
These workshops provide the students with a strong conceptual and practical framework for building, developing and managing teams in today's project-oriented work environment. They impart key personal skills like communication skills, presentation Skills, transferable skills and other functional skills etc. to enhance the student's career's prospects.
Live Projects
Students are encouraged to pursue live projects in each of the courses to enhance their learning by applying theoretical concepts to industry situations. This is done under the guidance of experienced faculty to ensure proper focus and implementation.
English Lab
These labs give practical orientation to the students helping them in building and improving listening, writing, sentence construction, pronunciations and fluent speaking and fast comprehension in English language.
Students participate in seminars on Marketing/IT/HR/Finance and other management topics and make presentations of them in class/during sessions. These are done under the guidance of faculty and will improve the reading, summarizing and presentation skills of the students apart from inculcating mere reading among the students.

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