Chairman Message

Globalization has indeed arrived on the wings of science and technology and is here to stay. India, being unshackled from regulation and dogmatism, has umpteen opportunities before it. The paradigm shift became inescapably imperative by the sweeping changes across the globe. This shift can be met only through the process of interactive learning with focus on the real time environment. Classic doctrine of management is state in the changed scenario.
Management education today has the challenge and responsibility of preparing a new generation of creative and dynamic managers blended with the courage, stamina, resistance, skills and foresight to take the market bulls by the horns.
As a premier centre for excellence in management education, BDS Institute of Management and Technology has been striving to enhance the equality of management education and training with Indian organizations by developing young and ambitious men and women as managers who combine the use of technical and professional skills with the understanding of the socio-cultural milieu in which they operate.
The institute has been paying special attention to the acculturation of students in professional values of fairness, objectivity, compassion, team working, commitment and super ordination.
Exchange of academic and professional managers and networking with the corporate houses also helps developing in our students a pragmatic perspective with an eye on futuristic corporate trends. The synergy, thus generated, equips our students to handle the regime of leadership in tomorrow's  corporate world.
Let us grow together as a good team; I wish the best luck for the prospective young managers.

D. K Sharma (Advocate)

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